Monday, April 30, 2012

A Summer Day


 Top: Forever 21, Shorts and belt: Target, Sunnies: Target, Bag: A street market in Florence, Italy, Sandals: Ross, Jewelry: Fossil, street market in Florence, Hermosa Beach Fiesta (art fair), Smoothie: Claremont Juice Co.

So today, it's chilly and gloomy outside. I guess that makes the Monday blues seem more appropriate. Yesterday, however, we had warm sunshine and blue skies with a slight breeze. And it felt like summer.

Summer is by far my favorite season. I grew up in a beach town in Southern California, so how could it not be? Part of me just wanted to throw on a bathing suit all weekend and frolic around the city. Since I'm not currently living in a beach town though, that didn't really seem appropriate...

So I opted for shorts. Orange shorts. Because orange kind of looks like the sun. And I don't have yellow shorts. Worked out perfectly though because I ordered a smoothie while we were wandering around the town, and it was orange.

Speaking of matching food and clothes, does anyone else do this intentionally? Because I definitely wear red when I'm eating pasta sauce. I realize a stain is a stain, but for some reason it makes me worry less.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Since summer is on my mind...anyone have any amazing summer plans this year?


  1. Way to rock the tangerine trend...those shorts are so cute, and perfect with a breezy tank top on a summer day.

    <3 Cambria

  2. I like your blog and I am a follower now.

    Check out mine:

  3. Hey Emily, I nominated you for the Liebster award, check out my post to find out more...

  4. I love your shorts, I love to wear shorts a lot, and this shorts are awesome...

  5. you look beautiful
    this top is amazing!

  6. i almost wore the same outfit today!

  7. hi!! you have a nice blog, your pics are great, i follow you since now ;)
    visit my blog and follow me too if you want.

  8. Hahaha good idea! I always spill my spaghetti sauce, I should follow your advice :)
    Where did you grow up in so cal? Love the outfit and all the accessories!

    1. Thanks Allie! I grew up in Manhattan Beach, sort of a suburb of LA. Are you from So Cal too?

  9. supercute combo!!
    xoxo, jillian


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