Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

After a long weekend full of movies, sunshine, fiestas, good food, and a few too many water slide wedgies, I am back on the computer. Since I spend so much time in front of a screen during the week, it's definitely nice to get away sometimes. 

I'm photoless today thanks to hat hair, bathing suits, extreme walking, and mild sunburns taking over my weekend. Not exactly prime photo opportunities. Although the beach was very photogenic. 

Anyway, on to Men in Black. Because men who wear suits and fight crazy-looking aliens deserve to be talked about. 

I saw the first MIB movie way back when, and really liked it. What elementary school kid wouldn't? Then, the second one came out, and it was not so great. When I heard a third movie was going to be released, it seemed like a total act of desperation. 

Good reviews and an entertaining trailer convinced me to see it anyway, and I'm really glad I did.

The third one had all the great comedy, action, and creativity the original one had, but with better special effects. And even though some people get annoyed by Will Smith's similar character selections, I think he's still got it. And Tommy Lee Jones has way still got it. And Josh Brolin is a perfect Tommy Lee Jones. 

All around a fun movie that stands well on its own, and certainly makes up for the accident that was MIB2. I definitely recommend seeing it. Unless you didn't like the first one or hate aliens. Then it may not be your cup of tea. 

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday! 


  1. I´m glad I found you because your blog is awesome!
    xx =P

  2. i definitely wanna see it - i LOVED MIB1. :) :)

  3. I'm interested in seeing this...not usually my type of movie but I've heard great things and love Will Smith :)

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  4. Surprised to see this getting good buzz, especially since i heard they started filming the movie without a finished script. I will try and get out and see it but I am thinking it might be a rental

  5. Glad you liked it - my husband really wants to see it so I will probably get dragged to see it soon :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Hey I say this movie with YOU! (this is Emily's dad) I liked it too and I see a lot of movies. So Mummbles if you liked the first MIB, you should see this one in the theater. Saw it in 3d, which I don't usually like to do - but this 3D was not distracting at all.


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