Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tutti Frutti

My Threads: Top: H&M, Pants: Ross? (I think), Necklace: JCrew (ebay version), Belt: Target, Bag: Gottschalks (when it existed), Shoes: local boutique

Confession: I love the color yellow. It's tied with blue for my favorite color. In case you were wondering how much I like yellow, my iPod and wallet are both yellow, and I own pants, shirts, necklaces, scarves...and two pair of shoes in the sunny hue. 

When the amazing Marion at Marionberry Style announced that this month's trend link-up was the color yellow, I pretty much jumped for joy. I couldn't decide which yellow things to go with, but eventually the bold pants won. I sort of feel like a strawberry banana smoothie in this, plus my shirt looks like a picnic. But I like fruit and picnics and summer, so I just went with the fruity feel of it.

Also linking up with Simply Sarah for her pink challenge.

On another note, did anyone else watch TV shows that got cancelled at the end of this season? I checked renewal lists after the season finale of 'Awake' (which got cancelled), and discovered a few other shows I watched were cancelled too. I'm most upset about 'Alcatraz', not because it was my favorite show, but because the season ended with a million cliffhangers that will now never be answered. Guhhhh. 

Anyway, happy hump day! Hope you get to enjoy some sun today. And if you can't, wear yellow!


  1. I love all those colors together!

  2. you look adorable! i was trying to get into alcatraz but never got the chance to watch it...

  3. great look! all those colors go together perfectly :)
    xoxo, jillian

  4. Hey you look as very fresh fruit :) super !!!

  5. Ok, there are so many things I want to comment on... 1. You look adorable in this outfit. 2. I have a yellow wallet too! 3. I almost cried when Alcatraz got cancelled for the same reason as you, I want to know what happens! 4. My husband is still upset about some random dumb show, Surface, that got cancelled like 4 years ago. 5. I also watched Awake and am morning it's cancellation. 6. I wish they would tell you what they had planned for a show if it gets cancelled, so I'm not constantly wondering what happens.

    Um, I realized most of my points were about TV... but you know I think you're super cute! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. LOL at the strawberry banana smoothie comment! You look gorgeous and totally ready for summer! Love those yellow jeans. And seriously...your hair always looks flawless. :)
    Thanks for linking up!!
    XO - Marion

  7. Pink, yellow, and turquoise...gotta love it!

  8. I seriously LUST after that necklace!! LOVE it!

  9. What an uplifting outfit! It's so happy and cheerful, and seriously who doesn't LOVE a strawberry banana smoothie anyway?? :)

    I cannot believe they cancelled Alcatraz! This is new news to me. I'm really not sure how I'm going to break this to my boyfriend, and I'm being completely serious! He never watches TV, but he LOVED that show. Every one of them is recorded on our DVR lol. I really liked it too, but I thought the comic book store guy was a terrible actor.

    Maybe I'll wear a bright and cheery outfit like yours for when I break it to him. Might soften the blow a bit?? :)


  10. Love all the colors together! I think I have the same shirt but in blue :)

    Seize the Styles

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  12. Strawberry smoothies are not a bad thing! I love this color combo, especially with the little hint of turquoise in your necklace :)

    Enter to win a clutch!

  13. I'm just loving the pastel primary colours mixed together...and that bubble necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!

  14. I love the pink gingham shirt it looks great with the yellow jeans. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


  15. Love this entire look! Your necklace makes it pop even more! I just got my yellow one in the mail, and im pretty sure i need another color lol :))


  16. seriously obsessed with all the color here. The necklace and pants are amazing. Another fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

  17. yellow and pink? So perfect and summery! I love the gingham with the yellow skinnies you look great girl!


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