Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Am I Wearing?

My Threads: Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Reflections, Jewelry: Europe, Fossil, Forever 21

Do you ever spend 20 minutes staring at your closet, then just shrug your shoulders and grab something? That's sort of how this outfit happened. I didn't feel like thinking anymore, so I just grabbed a skirt, pulled out a shirt, and crossed my fingers. After a quick glance in the mirror, I thought 'eh, that'll do' and called it a day. Or not really, because I then had to carry on with the actual day. 

A year ago, I would have thought this outfit was ridiculously mismatched. My current philosophy is more along the lines of 'I wear what I want and hope it sort of matches' though, so I've decided feeling mismatched is okay. 

Do you ever struggle to get dressed, then end up walking out the door in whatever? Maybe it's just me...


  1. I have that same F21 skirt! It looks really cute with the chambray shirt and fun necklace :) I often can't figure out what to wear even though I've got a big closet full of clothes, happens to the best of us.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Hey that totally works! I mix-match allllll the time. I think as long as you carry it with confidence, you're good to go! Love the striped skirt... a good staple! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    It's an Easy Life

  3. That outfit looks great!

    Every Woman has only two problems:
    1.) Nothing to wear
    2.) No room for all the clothes

  4. I know what you mean! Since I've started blogging I feel more comfortable pairing mismatch items because sometimes it turns out to be the perfect outfit. I love this look and think you did a great job!

    xo, Joanne

  5. You look so cute in this! Sometimes it's the outfits that you don't plan that turns out to be the best! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. i always do that, the amount of times i just stand staring into my wardrobe hoping something will jump out at me is ridiculous! love this outfit though, very cute and simple :)


  7. cute outfit :)


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