Friday, May 11, 2012

When I Zig, You Zag

My Threads: Dress: Francesca's, Belt: Forever 21, Booties: Target, Jewelry: Fossil, Charlotte Russe

So these pictures are not great, they were taken on the way out the door. But I thought I'd post them anyway because I sort of love this dress. 

Anyway, here's my embarrassing story of the week. It actually has to do with zig zagging...and there are zig zags on my dress. A correlation! 

My landlord (or technically just owner of my unit) came to pick up the check for rent the other day, and chaos ensued the moment he knocked on the door.  He arrived an hour earlier than expected, so I hadn't fenced the dogs anywhere, and I was wearing sweats and socks with a towel on my head (just got out of the shower). Usually when I open the door, the dogs just stand behind me and bark. This time, however, Bella decided it would be fun to bolt out between my legs. While Petey is pretty good at coming when he is called, Bella doesn't listen at all and thinks 'chase' is the most amazing game in the world. SO. I bolted out the door after her, leaving Petey barking inside and my landlord completely confused on my doorstep. I chased Bella around the grass outside our apartment for at least five minutes before finally chasing her toward our front door and grabbing her. Did I mention I was still wearing sweats, socks, and a towel during all of this? 

I don't interact with my landlord very often, and he probably has a pretty strange opinion of me now. My neighbors may think I'm a little psycho too.

I blame the dog. 

Needless to say, we've decided it's probably time to take the pups to a training class. 

Here's Bella in all her mischievous glory. 

Has your dog ever done anything like this? I feel like my dogs are a little insane...


  1. cute dress!!

  2. Love that dress - such a funky pattern, and the yellow belt is SO cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. haha dog definitely loves the game "chase" except she is a huge pitbull so I can't just pick her up lol I LOVE that dress and it looks really good with the yellow belt.

  4. Love the dress - perfect paired with the yellow belt and booties!

  5. I LOVE the pattern on the dress and the back cutouts are fab! I've had the same thing happen to me with my dogs. I had some random person knock on my door and for some odd reason opened my screen door and my dogs ran out when I opened the main door to see who it was. I was SO mad but luckily I was able to corral them before they ran away for good.

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Amazing dress!!


  7. I want your dress, send it to me... LOL! you look great...

  8. haha, my dog Chandler is the exact same way. I feel like I look like the meanest owner when I have to chase/scream at him in front of ppl.

    Good luck with training!

  9. nice look!

  10. i love ur dress cute

  11. really love your dress, nice outfit!

  12. you look so pretty! and i love your dress! :)

    <3, Mimi

  13. What kind of dog is he? I have a cockapoo named Leo. (he's a cross between a cocker spainal and a poodle. I'm a new follower. Can you follow me back? Also i love your writing, i laughed many times while reading it.

  14. love this dress!!
    xoxo, jillian


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