Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black and White and (Pinkish) Red All Over

My Threads: Top: Old Navy, Skirt: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Booties: Target, Clutch: Forever 21, Bracelet: Macy's

So last week, I wrote a post about how I was going out of town and wouldn't be able to post for a bit. Then I realized that post never actually published. Oops! Anyway, I was off the radar in Nevada City for a few days for my cousin's wedding. Photos to come soon! 

In the meantime, however, here is an outfit I wore last week. This flowy skirt makes me want to twirl, but I discovered that means flashing everyone so I've been trying to resist. I'll just have to twirl when no one is around. 

Marc is out of town this week, so you can probably expect less outfit posts and more random posts. Unless I can convince the puppies to take pictures...we'll see. 

What do you do when you're home alone for a week? I'm thinking a Harry Potter or chick flick marathon may keep me entertained...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That colorblocked skirt is so cute! When my hubby is gone, I usually do my nails, catch up on the DVR, bake cookies, and watch all the movies I know he hates :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Cute outfit! I love that tie-neck top, great ON find! When I'm home alone I usually catch up on tv, clean up around the house, and do other girlie things like paint my nails and listen to "so bad it's good" music! :)

  3. The might possibly be my favorite outfit of yours! Love it!


  4. Love the outfit! I highly encourage a Harry Potter marathon, which is epic! Also, going on hulu or on demand and watching a whole season of your favorite show(s) is always fun too :)


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