Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom

After the sold out fiasco last week, we finally managed to see Moonrise Kingdom. I'm not sure if I've ever gone through so much trouble to see a non-blockbuster movie. It was good though, so I'm glad we went.

Here's a preview in case you haven't caught one:

I have to warn anyone who doesn't like quirky or artsy probably won't love this one. Marc wasn't a huge fan and didn't really get the point of it.

Moonrise Kingdom is set on a little island in the 60s, and it tells the story of two kids who fall in love and run off together. Everyone connected to them sets off to find them, and of course comedy and chaos ensues. At least that's the gist of it without giving too much of the plot away.

I guess I have sort of a strange sense of humor, but I laughed out loud several times during this movie. It's shot in sort of a choppy way, focusing on the character delivering the line. This seems to sort of be Wes Anderson's style. And I like it.

The movie features a stellar cast of adults, but it's the kids that really shine in this flick. I am always shocked when kids give stellar performances or are actually able to deliver comedic lines well. I know there are loads of amazing child and teen actors, but thinking back on my abilities as a 12-year-old, their talent just seems extra impressive.

I definitely suggest you go out and see this movie. It may not feature a superhero, but it's a well-crafted movie that will make you laugh and sigh and maybe even cry. Or maybe that was just the strange lady sitting next to me.

Plus it smells like Academy Award nominee material.

And now that I've done my artsy movie review...I'd like to take a moment to squeal in excitement. Why, you ask? Because tomorrow is the Batman marathon and midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Which is the movie I've been most excited about all year. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Yes, I am that nerdy.

What did you think of Moonrise Kingdom? And do you have any extravagant Batman plans?


  1. I am glad you were able to see it. Anderson movies are not for everyone but the visuals are always amazing. I felt like this movie was one of my favorites of his. DARK KNIGHT!!!!

  2. I'm quite excited...I love quirky, artsy films and have adored the fashion posts I've seen about the movie.

    <3 Cambria


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