Thursday, July 26, 2012


My Threads: Dress, Belt, Necklace: Forever 21, Sweater: a local boutique, Boots: Reflections, Bag: street market in Italy

I don't usually reach for boots in the summer, but today my toes decided they didn't feel like sandals, and these leapt onto my feet. The result? Multiple people telling me I looked like a country singer. I guess there are worse things my outfit could resemble.

It's also highly possible that I dislocated all my ribs sitting at my desk in this dress (not really though, don't call the doctor). I've worn it several times before, but I guess I'm usually standing when I have it on. Or at least not sitting at a computer for hours. With a belt on. So I am now dubbing this dress a walking, standing, or frolicking only dress.

On another note, Marc and I started watching Game of Thrones last week. It's pretty addicting. Since it isn't on Netflix Instant, we get really excited every time we check the mail. If you're looking for a new series of books to read or show to watch, I definitely recommend it.

Have you been catching up on any shows this summer? I'd love to hear your recommendations!


  1. LOVE this dress, its soooo pretty!
    and i wish i could break out my boots rt now, but its so ungodly hot here, i'd die of heat exhaustion if i attempted it!
    xoxo, jillian

  2. Super cute! I am with Jillian on wishing I could bust out my boots but it's smoldering in New Orleans!

    It's an Easy Life

  3. lovely dress - you look so pretty! xo

  4. I love peacock feathers they look pretty with the shades of purple.


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