Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Printed Party

My Threads: Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Forever 21, Pumps: Target, Clutch: Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Fossil

I'm mixing prints again! And this time it's by choice. Not that someone came into my house and forced me to do it last time, but it was for a link-up. So I sort of forced myself to do it. 

The trend is definitely growing on me, yet I can't help but feel like my five-year-old self snuck in and picked out my outfit. The heels help a bit. My five-year-old self wouldn't have been wearing heels unless she was scooting around in some broken ones that were 100 times too big. Pretending to be a princess on an adventure, obviously. 

And in case you were worried, I did not rip this shirt when I took it off. You're probably wondering why I'm even wearing sleeves again. I can explain. Everywhere in LA (at least further east) over air conditions like crazy. Including where I work. As a result, I drag a jacket or sweater with me everywhere. It's a mad, mad world we live in.

How are you doing with this whole print mixing thing? Do you have a formula that works? 


  1. I feel the same way when I mix prints!!! I think that you're ok as long as you stay in the same color family...although I haven't gotten adventurous enough yet to mix printed bottoms with a printed top - I've been sticking to a shirt and a scarf. I'll do better one day....maybe? :)

    The Blue Hour

  2. I think this combo of mixed prints works amazingly! Polka dots and stripes, well, I think they can be considered neutral in the world of prints... I don't know, I'm still learning too, but I think is just about having fun and feel great when wearing this trend. I think if you feel it and wear it with confidence, you got it! And I think you just did a great job here, besides, adding fun colors such as those on your clutch and necklace, made it so chic! Thank you for your early visit and comment, I really appreciate that!


  3. love the print mixing here - I have the same sweater in a different color and you have given me some ideas!! xo

  4. so super cute! love the sweater :)


  5. These patterns work great together (definitely not like a 5 year old picked it out!) - I think the similar and toned down colors really make the match work, and I love the teal pop of color in the bag! :)

  6. I have this sweater in the tan and black and posted about it yesterday! Great minds! It's one of my new fab finds!!! Love pattern's so fun to feel five again!!! ;)

  7. This outfit looks awesome on you! Love it!

  8. You, and your blog, are absolutely adorable! And you have my sweater. Well, it's on my list for fall. It's so cute and perfect with the striped skirt and the teal clutch.

    I'm wearing mixed patterns today too and while it was hard to get used to, it does get easier!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  9. SO cute! I had just convinced myself I didn't need this Old Navy sweater - until now. And now it's sold out online. Blast.

    I love your print mixing!

  10. Loving the print mixing....


  11. fluo giveaway on my blog =)

  12. this is such a cute look! love the way you mixed the prints but kept the colors classic:)

  13. I love how you mixed the prints! I still can't do it without looking silly! And I love how you added the pops of color too!


  14. Great look! I definitely grabbed this sweater in brown :)
    xo K


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