Monday, August 27, 2012


My Threads: Dress & Flower: H&M, Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters, Wedges: Kohl's, Belt & Necklace: Forever  21, Bag: street market in Florence, Watch: Fossil

Yellow is my favorite color. I think it is, at least. I seem to change my mind about it often since blue, teal, pink, purple, and green are also amazing. So I guess I like all colors. Except orange, that one isn't my favorite. 

Anyway, whatever my favorite color is on any particular day, I'm always drawn to yellow. You just can't be sad when you're looking at the color yellow. In fact, this might be the second time I've rambled about the sunny hue. 

Hope you had a happy weekend! 


  1. cute dress!

  2. emily this outfit is so cute and happy!! it's one of those looks that just brightens up a room. i love it!

  3. Really fresh pretty dress! I love that lemony colour...and the lace is pretty with the denim.

    <3 Cambria

  4. A beautiful color, indeed, Emily! You look really adorable and truly happy in this outfit! I love how you added a denim jacket to this lace dress and that super cute yellow flower pin!



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