Monday, August 20, 2012

Testing 1-2-3

 My Threads: Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch, Blazer: H&M, Pumps: Target, Clutch & Belt: Forever 21, Watch: Fossil

Finally, a better camera! As great as my little point-and-shoot is for traveling, it just wasn't cutting it for blog pictures. So I hijacked my dad's old Nikon. Don't worry, he gave me permission first.

Just bare with me while I get used to using it. Or I guess while Marc gets used to using it. It has a lot more buttons and settings than we're used to. Plus an actual lens.

Here's the thing about good pictures though: they capture every detail. Hello frizzy hair, freckles, and eye wrinkles! I guess this just means I'll actually have to get a brush out once and a while...

Anyway, it's really still too hot in LA for jeans, so I will probably be freeing my legs again for the rest of the week. Or the rest of the month. It's jeans and a blazer today, though, for a theme day at work. Thank goodness for air conditioning and holy denim.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. oh loving the new camera, emily! and this outfit?! AMAZING!

  2. Loving this outfit. The blue blazer is genius.
    If you get a moment come check out my latest post!

  3. A DSLR is on my wishlist as well- the photos look great. I have a similar blazer in a light blue from H&M and can't wait for the weather to get cool so I can start wearing it again.

    Life Unsweetened

  4. You look adorable! Love the striped top, plus the sequins just make it that much better. Love the new camera!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Cute outfit!!! Love the pop of color with the blue!!!! :D

    xo, Lizz

  6. Amazed by your jeans...they fit perfect and have the perfect amount/placement of wear!

    <3 Cambria

  7. Can you believe the heat this week. So crazy. You look stunning. Love the stripes. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I've got some exciting news regarding Giuliana Rancic. Eek! xo


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