Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When Your Neighbors Stare

My Threads: Dress: H&M, Belt: Forever 21, Bag: Gottschalks (when it existed...), Wedges: Reflections, Watch: Fossil

I took an accidental blog hiatus this week and failed to post anything for the last several days. I was going to use Marc being out of town as an excuse, but really I could have set up a tripod or something. So I'm going to use the hot weather as an excuse instead. It was 105 degrees here today, and I'm pretty much just a sweaty mess. 

These were all the pictures I got in this outfit last week. The neighbors came out on the balcony to smoke and were just staring at me, so I got uncomfortable and went inside. Then I forgot to try again. I thought about just not posting these photos, but here they are. 

This dress is supposed to be a shift dress (I think) but it gets kind of bunched up, so I decided it works better belted. And I don't really like the bag with it. (I just decided that.) 

I think this is just one of those 'eh' outfits I probably won't repeat. Style is an experiment though, right? It's hard to get a perfect outfit together every day. At least it's hard for me. 

Do you ever have those days where your outfit just doesn't feel like a winner? 


  1. GIRL! You have to at least repeat the dress! I loooove it! Like whoah hello KNOCKOUT! In my world, everything looks better belted (haha), and I think this yellow belt is AWESOME!

    Next time, try a bright shoe, too! Maybe a bright blue or pink? You could even try a bag and earring in a 3rd and 4th neon color? Sounds wild, perhaps. But I say, go for it, cause this dress looks great on you! :)

    1. I love the idea of brighter shoes and accessories! Thanks Dani!

  2. what a pretty dress - it looks great on you! xo


  3. I for sure have those days. YESTERDAY I had it bad, and I had to work after my full time job at Gap it was awful... but as far as you.. are you kidding me girl? you look awesome in this dress! Love it with the belt, and love how all the photos you got look! :) The yellow compliments the dash of yellow in the dress. Perfeco! :)


  4. I have those days all the time...they are frustrating! I love the dress and the belt they are so adorable!


  5. I definitely have those days! Those are the days when I take the photo, and I'm like, hm...this is a fail :) But I do love this dress on you. It's beautiful. Oh ya, and I know what it's like to have the neighbors stare as you take photos. Very awkward. :)

  6. I love this dress so I read your text and you don't like it! You should wear it again.

    What do you mean by shift dress?


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