Monday, September 10, 2012


 My Threads: Dress: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl's), Wedges: Kohl's, Belt: Forever 21, Purse and Bracelets: street market in Florence, Flower: H&M, Necklace: ?, Watch: Fossil

If your dress is more interesting in the back, does that mean you should walk around backwards? When I asked Marc what he thought of this dress, he just sort of shrugged. Then I turned around, and he said "Oh! It's cute!". Which is the same response I had to the dress on the hanger.

How do you work with that? Do you just make sure you stand in front of people a lot? Or do a lot of twirling? Perhaps wear your blazer or sweater backwards so you don't cover it up? So many possibilities to consider.

On another note, it was super hot and muggy here this weekend. And overcast. Like, 95 degrees and slightly rainy. And just moist. That's not supposed to happen in Southern California. It's super uncomfortable. I feel for all of you who live in humid areas.

Hope you had a happy weekend!


  1. emily that dress is GORGEOUS on yoU!! it's super muggy here in NC, too... i'm so ready for fall!

  2. oh my goodness how cute is this dress on your darling little figure?? Lauren Conrad I should've known. She has the Best style. this dress fits you like a glove and the color is awesome! You could wear it with any color of accessories :) cute cute.

    The House of Shoes


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