Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Polka Dot Addiction

 My Threads: Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch, Skirt: H&M, Booties: Target, Clutch: H&M, Necklace: J.Crew Factory, Bracelets: Macy's, Watch: Fossil

It's possible that I might have a little bit of an obsession with polka dots. When I spot a lovely dot in the store, it's like tunnel vision. Unless of course I walk past something that's hot pink. Then I'm torn whether to reach for the pink or the dots first.

Obviously, I grabbed for this skirt and clutch at the same time. Because I have really long, flexible arms.

On another note, does anyone have any genius last minute costume ideas? I have to dress up for work. I'm kind of leaning toward just throwing on my footy pajamas and pigtails and saying I'm 5. Really, it would just be an excuse to wear pajamas to work and act like a little kid.

Last year, I was a pillow fight...I'm sensing a cozy theme here.

What are you dressing up as tomorrow?


  1. I love this look. Simple and chic.

    I'd go with the PJ idea. Who doesn't want to wear PJs to work?


  2. Love this skirt and clutch so so cute!!

  3. I love that skirt!! I have tunnel vision for polka dots too, they're my weakness. I borrowed my roommate's dress, curled my hair, and threw on some red lipstick and was a 40s era girl.



  4. I feel the way about stripes that you do about polka dots. I just seem to be drawn to them in the store! I would love to have some polka dots in my wardrobe. This skirt is beautiful! :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com


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