Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bright and Sunny

 My Threads: Dress: H&M, Flats: a local boutique, Bag: Coach, Watch: Fossil

So there's definitely a lot of squinting going on in these pictures. We didn't get around to taking them until early evening, and the shade was too dark. So out in the sun we went! And I forgot to grab sunglasses. 

Also, this dress isn't actually this short. It rides up when I walk. Like, a lot. I didn't realize it was all scrunched up before we took pictures, so I'm unintentionally showing of a little more leg than I meant to. 

And this post is the debut of my new little Coach bag! It was a birthday present from the amazing boyfriend. I've decided it's the perfect size. Most of my bags kill my shoulder. Not because the bags themselves are heavy, but because they're big enough to cram a bunch of unnecessary things in. Honestly, I don't really need six packs of gum, a billion gift cards, and twelve lip balms on a daily basis. 

Have a happy Tuesday! 

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