Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quarter of a Century

Today, I'm 25. That looks just as bad written out as it sounds when I say it. I always thought 25 sounded so old. In fact, I still think it sounds old.

So we're just going to pretend I'm turning 7.

I sadly have to work all day, but I'll be sneaking in as much sugar as possible every chance I get. Anyone down for some Piggly Wiggly or flashlight tag later?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and no 25 isn't old. I think 30 is the new 25 lol. Hope you have a nice day and get to party down later on.

  2. Happy birthday! You're still young and beautiful! Plenty to celebrate! I hope you have a lovely day!

  3. I stumbled here when I saw a link in the stats for my blog and have gotten lost in browsing! Cute blog. And if you think 25 is old... 30's breathing down my neck!
    ~Amber (


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