Thursday, October 25, 2012

That Dress I Couldn't Breathe In

 My Threads: Dress: H&M, Booties: Target, Clutch: Forever 21, Bracelets: Macy's, Watch: Fossil

I bought this dress in a hurry thinking it might work well for the wedding I'm going to in Las Vegas this  weekend. Even if I decided not to wear it to the wedding, I figured it would be a good holiday party dress or something.

When I tried it on, it felt a little snug, but I probably had it on for less than a minute. When I got home, I tried it on to show Marc, and it felt way tighter than it had felt in the fitting room. And I don't think it was just because of the burrito bowl I scarfed down. The dress kind of felt like I was wearing a corset. So obviously, I couldn't wear it to a wedding with dinner and dancing. I like my rib cage where it is, thanks. And I like to have air in my lungs.

This dress probably wasn't really right for the wedding anyway. So I borrowed a dress from a friend, returned this one so someone with smaller lungs can purchase it, and I called it a day.

This is the second time in the last couple weeks that I've bought something I tried on and returned it because it didn't fit right. What's up with fitting rooms? Do they make you shrink or expand so you'll buy more clothes? Maybe I just get excited, and important things like breathing or pants falling down just don't seem relevant. Until they are.

Do you ever buy clothes that don't fit right on accident?

Happy Thursday!


  1. beautiful dress love the textures!


  2. it happens to me all the time! but the dress does look great on you! xo

  3. That just happened to me with a pair of boots... ONE boot doesnt fit! its like... umm? Anyway I love this dress!


  4. Hahaha! You are a great comedic writer, Emily! Yeah, stuff like this happens all the time, but that's what return policies and tailors are for, right?!? Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!!! ~Sarah

  5. Hi Emily, I am SO glad you came over to - I did tell you and commented, because now I have found your blog and I LOVE IT. Your style is so what I want to wear, and now I want to go and buy some more clothes!

  6. You look so freaking cute! Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog so you can see.

  7. Haha, found you through another blog, and I snorted at your "Until they are" remark. I have this same problem except that I'm usually too lazy to return the clothing, so I mourn my purchase silently and stupidly until it's earned half of its money's worth just sitting pretty (and mocking me) in my closet, and then I donate it. Nevertheless, cute dress :)


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