Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My Threads: Sweater: Old Navy (sold out online, similar), Shirt: GoJane (similar), Jeans: Ross (old), Clutch: Forever 21 (similar), Pumps: Calvin Klein, Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Necklace: Forever 21,  Watch: Michael Kors (similar)

Remember that day I said I was dressed like someone's two-year-old son? This is what I was wearing. Except I had flats on and no bracelets. I've decided I'm okay with this, though. Foxes are just cool, and anyone of any age should be able to appreciate them plastered on cozy sweaters, right? Plus, that was a pretty stylish kid. 

This time around, I was sure to add some accessories to make it clear that I'm not two years old. Or a boy. Hopefully my height and hair help clear up any confusion.

On another note, I'm way behind on Christmas shopping. As in, I got one tiny present for one person. And that's it. Last weekend, I attempted a holiday shopping trip, but I blacked out and when I came to, I was leaving H&M with some new clothes. For myself. Oops. 

Next weekend, it's on, Christmas list. Be ready. 


  1. Oh pssh to them! I want this jumper SOO BAD.

    I've been using online shopping so much this year for Christmas presents - it's the best! Good luck with finding some great gifts (maybe a couple more for youself...)


  2. If that is what someone's two year old son dresses like, I'll take style cues from the little dude. ;) Seriously, though, this is such a fun look. A great way to look polished but remind people that you're fun. {What could be more fun than a fox on a sweater, right?}

    Stopping by from Rolled Up Pretty...

  3. such a cute look! i just picked up that same foxy sweater last week, hope it looks as good on me as is does on you!


  4. SUCH a cute outfit! I have done next to zero shopping. I wanted to buy mostly handmade and support mom-owned style shops but that takes planning and preparation. So we'll see. Hope your shopping trip goes well!!

  5. I wanted that sweater so bad but they didn't have it in my size -- looks great on you! xo

  6. That sweater is so cute - and such an affordable option too!

    Professionally Petite

  7. I love that sweater and so bummed its sold out! And girl, you rocked the 2 year old look ;) (and of course you dont look like a 2 year old boy)


  8. Red Foxes were my college's mascot, so I'm now fully convinced I need this sweater. You look adorable!

    The Glossy Life

  9. I would be happy to be dressed like a two year old if it were with this sweater! I absolutely LOVE this sweater, and the entire look!

  10. I am wearing that same sweater today too! Love the way you styled it :)
    Everything but Ordinary

  11. Sounds like lots of people are into this sweater! I posted it on my WIWW too this 4 yr old son has a similar one from Target - precious!

  12. Okay, you're too cute. This is adorable. (And it's okay to borrow from the boys, even little ones =)

  13. Hahahaha I hear you on the Christmas shopping. I went out for the third time this month to buy presents and left empty handed. And by that I mean empty handed in my hand for present-holding, but the hand for holding stuff I bought for myself? That hand was full. Dangit.

    Lynette @ lynette marie

  14. i just love this sweater! i have to gotta join the cool kids and get a sweater with a cool print on it!

    C's Evolution of Style

  15. I think the fox sweater is cute! But in a grown up way! Especially with all the accessories and heels. I also love your nails!

  16. Aw man, I want that sweater so bad! Found ya via Shanna's bloghop! You've got some killer style, girl. Lovin' the nails!

  17. Cute sweater!! I own the same one, and I wore mine yesterday...HA!! Happy Holidays!!

    Lillies & SIlk

  18. Hi there. I found you on WIWW. LOVE this outfit!!! I'm Hanna and I'm your newest follower. Great blog! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    You can find me anytime at

    xooxxo Hanna

  19. love, love the jumper - SO cute! and the nails are very cool too. Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Weds this week :-)

  20. Love this outfit, that sweater is fabulous- you look so pretty! Following ya :D

  21. I want this sweater so bad, you look adorable! x

  22. I have that sweater and it's one of my faves!!! Love your styling. And girl, I finally got MOST of my shopping done yesterday. I feel like a weight has been lifted! Thanks for linking up!!


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