Monday, April 30, 2012

A Summer Day


 Top: Forever 21, Shorts and belt: Target, Sunnies: Target, Bag: A street market in Florence, Italy, Sandals: Ross, Jewelry: Fossil, street market in Florence, Hermosa Beach Fiesta (art fair), Smoothie: Claremont Juice Co.

So today, it's chilly and gloomy outside. I guess that makes the Monday blues seem more appropriate. Yesterday, however, we had warm sunshine and blue skies with a slight breeze. And it felt like summer.

Summer is by far my favorite season. I grew up in a beach town in Southern California, so how could it not be? Part of me just wanted to throw on a bathing suit all weekend and frolic around the city. Since I'm not currently living in a beach town though, that didn't really seem appropriate...

So I opted for shorts. Orange shorts. Because orange kind of looks like the sun. And I don't have yellow shorts. Worked out perfectly though because I ordered a smoothie while we were wandering around the town, and it was orange.

Speaking of matching food and clothes, does anyone else do this intentionally? Because I definitely wear red when I'm eating pasta sauce. I realize a stain is a stain, but for some reason it makes me worry less.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Since summer is on my mind...anyone have any amazing summer plans this year?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Button Swap

I'm not one to get all sappy on everyone, but I just wanted to quickly thank you all for your amazing comments and just for reading my blog in general. I read each and every comment, and you are all so inspirational! I also read all your blogs as much as I can. My reading list is becoming quite long...

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a button swap with you! I've never done swaps, or ventured into the sponsoring world, but I thought I'd give it a go.

This is what my button looks like:

You can just grab the URL from the left side bar, and post it on your page. Then I'll do the same for you!

Leave a comment if you want to trade buttons so I can visit your blog and grab yours!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flower Power Link-Up: Sundress Day to Night

My Threads: Dress: Papaya (really old), Shoes: Target (old), Jewelry: Fossil, Forever 21
The always-adorable Marion (over at Marionberry Style) is hosting a Flower Power link-up today. Since my closet seems to be half covered in flowers, I of course had to participate.

So here's one of my (many) floral sundresses. Above styled for day, below for night.

I wonder if my attraction to floral clothing has anything to do with my knack for killing plants...? I managed to kill an 'unkillable' plant. Twice. (Not the same one, just two of the same kind. It would take an incredible amount of skill to actually kill the same plant twice.)

My Threads: Dress: Papaya, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: Target, Jewelry: Fossil, H&M, Forever 21

Also this dress is way shorter than I remember it being. I don't recall growing three inches in the last couple years though...strange.

And I'm also linking up to WIWW and Whatever Whenever Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthdays Post Childhood

My threads:
Top: Francesca's, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Target, Jewelry: Fossil, Old Navy, Forever 21

Full Disclosure: Today is not my birthday.

I wore this outfit last week for a childhood (and obviously adulthood) friend's birthday dinner. It was at the Caltech Athenaeum (very fancy) and it was a fun evening filled with delicious foods and desserts.

But does anyone else miss this?

Or this?

Let's face it, birthday parties growing up were a big deal. I mean, a really big deal. But after age 21, they sort of just become a reminder that we're getting older. I miss the days when you got to carry embarrassingly large balloons around school (which once got me stuck in a bathroom stall), then go home and play flashlight tag with your friends all night.

Maybe age 25 is the year to resurrect old-school birthday parties. Watch for my Cinderella invitation in the mail next October. You have six months to dig up your old Care Bears sleeping bag. Ready, go!

How did you celebrate birthdays growing up?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comedians of Chelsea Lately

Do you watch Chelsea Lately? I'm a pretty big fan. In addition to watching the show almost every night, I've gone to a taping of it, read all of Chelsea's books, had two books signed, seen Jo Koy's stand-up live twice...oh dear, I'm starting to sound obsessive. I promise I'm not creepy about it! 

Anyway, Marc and I drove past the local Improve after dinner last night, and noticed that Sarah Colonna was performing. In 5 minutes. We parked across the street, rushed to the ticket window and hurried inside. What's better than a spontaneous night of comedy?  

Anyway, Jiffy was performing before Sarah, which was an awesome bonus because he's pretty hilarious. 

After the show, Jiffy and Sarah stood in the lobby to meet people and take pictures, and Sarah was signing copies of her new NY Times Best-seller book, Life As I Blow It. Naturally, I had to buy a copy. 

We chatted with both for a couple minutes and got some late-night shiny pictures. They were both so sweet and grateful. It's always refreshing meeting TV personalities that are so friendly and down-to-earth! We met Jo Koy after one of his performances, and he was incredibly nice also. 

Have you seen or met a Chelsea Lately comedian? 

And a bonus shot of my outfit (sort of...)

Friday, April 20, 2012

What I Wore: Stripes

Today, Jessica Quirk from What I Wore is hosting a Stripes Challenge. Despite my minimally striped closet, I managed to muster up a couple of outfits to participate.

I highly recommend checking out the post if you haven't already! So many beautiful women in so many striped ensembles. Don't stare too long though, you may get dizzy.

Here's what I put together for the challenge:

I know, I saw the first outfit yesterday. I just thought the 5-6 pictures I already posted weren't enough. Now you can really get the full stripey effect.

Ok really I just wanted you to go check out the challenge.

Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm (Sadly Not) On a Boat!

My Threads:
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: a local boutique
Jewelry: H&M, Forever 21, Fossil
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom (old)

This dress looks nautical. So it should be worn on a boat, right? Sadly, it was only worn running errands on a sunny afternoon. Anyone have a boat I can borrow though? I'd prefer to wear it on the ocean.

Also, I think it's time to buy some tanning lotion. I'm always hesitant to try sunless tanners (I generally try to avoid the Snooki look), but I am starting to fear for the vision of the general public.

And another is Thursday! Do you know what this means? Ron Swanson and his glorious mustache will be back tonight. My life hasn't felt complete while 'Parks and Rec' was on a break. If you don't already watch 'Parks and Rec', you have about eight hours to catch up. Ready, go!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Pastel Palette

My threads:
Top: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Target
Jewelry: Forever 21, Fossil
Shoes: Target
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Belt: Forever 21

Okay, so pastels are super trendy right now. I was afraid I was going to look like a giant Easter egg in this outfit, but I decided it sort of works. People like Easter eggs, right? There are worse things an outfit could resemble...

I'm a little - ok a lot - obsessed with mint green right now. I know, I know, who isn't? It's just such a pretty color and seems to look great on everyone! I'm sure this shirt (and my mint shorts...and my mint tee...) will get lots of wear this spring and summer.

On another note, did you see The Californians sketch on SNL last weekend? I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life (minus college) and I have to shamefully admit that they nailed the stereotypes. Marc and I almost peed our pants when they kept rambling off freeway directions....we all do that. On a daily basis. We're sorry.

In case you missed it, here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Pianos and an Anniversary

Nerd alert: I play the piano. (And sing in a choir, but that's irrelevant.) Anyway, there is a real world art 'exhibit' in Los Angeles right now called 'Play Me, I'm Yours.' Normally, I'm not all that interested in modern art, but street exhibits like this really interest me. I was all over the painted cows in Atlanta a few years ago, they were pretty fun.

The exhibit, which has already been to cities all over the world, consists of 30 pianos that are hand-painted and scattered around LA.

This weekend, we visited the one in Claremont (a city in LA county). After waiting for a homeless person who had NO idea how to play the piano to finish his 45 minutes 'concert,' Marc and I jumped in to play a few notes and take some pictures. While many of the other pianos are painted with bright colors, this one was decorated with musical text.

So if you live in or near a major city, watch for this exhibit to head your way! It's definitely a good one.

And on another note, today marks 6 years with the boyfriend. Yes, our 'anniversary' is on tax day. Perhaps we should change it to another day. Can you do that? Anyway, here are six photos of us to celebrate six years together.

High School Graduation
Disneyland! A favorite place.
Halloween...I hope. 
Snorkeling in Cabo...I am terrible with flippers. 
College Graduation
Backpacking through Europe - Venice, Italy.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 Ways to Wear: A White Blazer

My Threads:
Blazer: H&M, Top: Old Navy, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Target

My Threads:
Blazer: H&M, Shirt: H&M, Jeans: ?, Boots: Reflections

My Threads:
Blazer: H&M, Top: Old Navy, Scarf: Francesca's, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Crazy Jay's

My Threads:
Blazer: H&M, Top: H&M, Shorts: Abercrombie, Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Target

My Threads:
Blazer: H&M, Dress: Jason Wu for Target, Belt: Macy's, Shoes: Reflections

So I've decided my white blazer is probably the most versatile thing in my closet. I can't stop wearing it. Which is probably not great for my blazer considering I'm extremely prone to spilling. My last white clothing purchase has a giant mustard stain on it - so sad.

Anyway, I only recently discovered it was ok to wear blazers with jeans and shorts. In college, blazers were strictly reserved for interview outfits. This was pretty much just my excuse to wear hoodies to class everyday though. But adult life has opened my life to a whole new world of possibilities!

And just to clarify, there are legs attached to my body in the first picture. I realize I sort of look like a floating torso and head, but fear not - my legs are there. They are just covered in flowers.

To see more outfit photos, check out my Facebook Page. 

What's your favorite way to style blazers?

Happy Hump Day!


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