Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magical Cargo Vest

My Threads: Tee: H&M (similar), Skirt: H&M (similar), Vest: Old Navy (similar jacket), Booties: Lauren Ralph Lauren, Bag: Nine West (similar), Necklace and Bracelets: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors (similar)

This outfit sort of happened by accident. My shirt kept bunching up and making my skirt look all lumpy, and I sort of thought the combination was boring. So I almost didn't shoot it. Then I spotted this vest hanging in my closet with a halo of light shining around it and a choir singing its name. So I put it on. And it was like magic! Lumpy skirt and boring pairing problems solved.

The super spastic weather has gotten a tiny bit warmer during the day this week, so I ventured outside without tights. It was cold. But it seemed like tights would kind of ruin this outfit. Unless I had maroon ones. Which I don't. I actually look in the mirror several mornings and think my outfit would look better without tights. But alas, I really hate being cold. I know, I shouldn't complain about the 60 degree weather. So sorry to those if you in snow. I am jealous of how pretty your pictures look! But not of how badly the air hurts where you are.

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. I love this look! Those booties are sweet!


  2. I love the outfits that just happen by accident! This vest is super cute!

  3. Cute outfit!! I love when an outfit just falls into place perfectly!

  4. How creative to add the cargo vest! You wouldn't think it would work, but it totally does! Very cute, girl!

  5. LOVE the look :D:D

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. I have that vest in green from Old Navy and I love it! Thanks for linking up today!
    Penniless Socialite

  7. What a CUTE outfit! It is chic, elegant and sassy all at the same time! :)

  8. I love burgundy and navy together. And those booties are adorable, Emily!

    The Glossy Life

  9. I absolutely HATE being cold as well!

    I think maybe charcoal tights would have worked for this outfit? But yeah, too many outfits could have easily improved if I didn't have to wear tights (ugh with the weird skirt bunching and static cling) but it's just too cold for me to go without them. Everything looks good without tights!

    And PS the vest is a perfect addition!

  10. Hey girl! Wanted to stop by your blog to check it out after you left that sweet comment the other day. I am so glad that I did- I love it and am your newest follower :)

    This look is absolutely adorable.


    Morgan of Wake Up Your Wardrobe

  11. You are adorable, and I NEED that vest. :)

  12. I have been searching for a vest like this since the summer! it adds edge to any outfit, and i think i can even pull it off at work :)


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