Monday, February 4, 2013

Pop of Plaid

My Threads: Shirt: H&M (similar), Sweater: J.Crew Factory, Jeans: Hollister (similar), Shoes: Sperry Top-siders, Bag: Calvin Klein, Bracelets: J.Crew (similar), Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21 (similar), Watch: Michael Kors

This has pretty much been my weekend uniform this winter. Okay, a lot of weekdays, too. And it might have been my fall uniform also. After I spend way too long staring at my closet in the morning, this is usually what I end up in. Sweater, button-up, jeans, and flats. 

Also, I promise this isn't the only bag I own. I'm just kind of in love with it right now.

Anyway, I totally had one of those weekends where you feel kind of busy but get nothing done. I mean, I know I watched Heavyweights, I went and saw Warm Bodies (which was pretty hilarious), and I went grocery shopping. But those other 40 hours? Don't really have much to show for them. I think hours may have passed stalking websites, but I can't say for sure.

Can have I do-over? I'd really appreciate if today could just be Friday again. Okay, thanks. 

Hope you had a happy (and productive) weekend!


  1. This is such a cute look Emily! LOVE the plaid peeking out, and those shoes are perfect with this outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love that shae of purple on your sweater! So chic! Coming from #yolomondays

  3. Well I know what color I am going to be wearing now! I love that pop of plaid under the shirt!

  4. cute! love the little pop of plaid sticking out!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Love the combo of the purple and the plaid. Such a fun, playful look!

    The Glossy Life

  6. Love your style!!! Purple is my favorite color, and i love how you paired it with that plaid shirt!!! Found you via YOLO! And I am your newest follower!!

    Have a Great Monday!!
    Rekita @ Her&Nicole

  7. So so cute and definitely perfect for the weekends!

  8. funny - i have a weekend uniform too and have two posts on it.

    Not Going Out Like That

  9. If I had a bag like that I wouldn't put it down either! Perfect weekend outfit!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  10. Oddly enough my ridiculously over packed wardrobe is missing a well fitted plaid shirt. I do the same thing with bags, lady! Cute post!

  11. You have cute style! Thanks for stopping by my blog with the GFC! So excited to get to know one of my followers!
    Jenny @ French Press Mornings

  12. this is a great weekend look! xo

  13. I think we are style soulmates because I love all your looks :) And I own a super similar plaid shirt from Madewell and that sweater in multiple colors (it's the best).

  14. you look so casual and chic! Love those shoes :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  15. Such a classy look, I love it.

    -Your newest follower!

  16. Such a cute outfit! Makes me hungry for Spring weather!
    & the handbag is to die for!


    {Saw your blog on YOLO mondays, following!] :)

  17. Visiting from YOLO mondays. Seriously, I just love a good button up under a sweater! I like how you roll the sleeves, but I tried doing it like that before and they were either too floppy when unbuttoned and attempted rolled up, or I couldn't roll them while buttoned. Do you have any tips?


    1. This shirt has buttons on the slit part in addition to the cuff. I'm not sure if you know where I'm talking about...but I leave that one buttoned, unbutton the cuff, then it rolls pretty well! Hope that helps!

  18. That's pretty much been my uniform of every day this winter! I just recently got into wearing button-downs under sweaters. Cute blog, checkout A Pop of Style if you get a chance, and follow if you like what you see! :)

    A Pop of Style

  19. I love the purple sweater! Fav color! I think I'm gonna have to go to H&M and pick it up!

  20. Love the plaid shirt under the purple sweater. Great outfit!

  21. Love this looks!! Sop sophisticated yet casual. Great layering and those shoes are so casual yet chic. xo

  22. I never buy purple and you make me want to add some to my closet asap!! Cute outfit!

  23. This is one of my go-to looks. I love the sweater + button up combo and this purple is too cute. I love that bag, and I'd probably carry it all the time if I had it. I'm glad Warm Bodies was funny--I really want to see it!
    Libby at

  24. You look great in purple =] Very nice outfit!

    Yellow Blog [blog design]
    One-of-a-kind templates for $39 (also, promo code "valentines2013" = 10% OFF)

  25. Such a beautiful outfit! I totally love the little hint of plaid under the purple, super cute combo!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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