Friday, February 8, 2013

Rockin' a Band Tee: Part 2

My Threads: Tee: Muse Concert, Skirt: H&M (similar), Wedges: INC via Macy's, Clutch: Coach (similar), Bracelets: J.Crew, Forever 21, Old Navy, Necklace: Forever 21, Belt: Forever 21 
Watch: Michael Kors

In case you missed yesterday's post about this Muse tee, I forced myself to come up with two ways to style this while standing in the merchandise line at their show. The reward? Letting myself buy a $35 t-shirt.

Here's the second outfit I came up with in my head. I kind of have a feeling only bloggers do this. When I confess things like this to other people, they sometimes look at me like I'm a little crazy. Or a little obsessive. I just have to explain it's a blogger's mindset. We're always planning outfits! But then they just think I'm nerdy for blogging. Maybe I'll just stick to telling all the amazing people in the blogosphere my amazing stories. 

Also, I think I squint more when it's cloudy out. Is that weird? I think my eyes are used to California sunshine, and they just get really confused when there are clouds in the sky. Sorry about my slightly squished up faces.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a fabulous Friday!

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P.S. You can follow along with my weekend and daily adventures on instagram @adevinelife. I actually use it now!


  1. friends thought it was weird that I plan all my outfits too, maybe it is a blogger thing? I absolutely love the band t-shirt and pencil skirt look! I planned a similar look for this weekend but this blizzard we're getting messed up my plans.

  2. Ohhh, I love the bright skirt with it–keeps it bold! And I'm totally with you on the whole planing outfits in your head thing–I always do that! A lot of my girl friends who aren't bloggers do it too though, so you're certainly not alone!

    The Glossy Life

  3. great way to style a concert tee! xo

  4. You're too funny. Love the look.
    I always style an item before I purchase it - or it's likely to just sit unworn :(

  5. Those shoes are adorable. Love the way you mixed it up and brought glam to a band t-shirt. LOVE IT EMILY!

    Happy Friday,

    Kali Now Living

  6. You definitely are rockin this tee! I love how you styled it this way too. The tee is actually pretty cool. I like the color in it!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. I love both ways you are wearing this tee, but i love band tees, i have quite a few myself :)
    came by via the followers to friends blog hop and i am now following via GFC, hope you can check out my blog too hon
    Angela xx

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  9. Great post, I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  10. So cute! I love both of the ways you styled this T-shirt. Anything to justify a purchase, right?! You're not alone with comboing outfits in your head. I do this all the time, it helps put me to sleep : )

  11. loving this edgy look! Loving your blog by the way ;)

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog through "look what I got" and the first thing I read was that you're a poodle lover, and I though hey we should be friends... Oh.. And I like your outfits too! Snd I can definitely relate, I am constantly planning out outfits. I think my roommate thinks I'm crazy because she always finds my playing dress up in my closet.

    <3 Danielle, also poodle loving

  13. I love wedges and these are super cute! I love how much wear you're getting out of the band tee!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.


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