Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashion With a Heart

Last weekend, Alejandra, the designer of Leg Candy, invited me to come to an open house event at Convergence World Boutique. Convergence is an amazing store that sells all socially conscious items. They have everything from clothes to lotion to headphones, all that support the environment, local artists, a humanitarian cause, or are certified Fair Trade. 

As someone who has worked a lot with non-profits and done a lot of volunteer work, I love a company with a good cause. In the past, it seemed a little harder to find a company with good CSR. But oh my gosh. Everything at Convergence is absolutely adorable, amazing quality, and obviously totally guilt free. I'd say it's a win win situation for everyone. 

I've been an advocate of shopping Fair Trade for a long time (thanks Mom!), and I'm loving that it's becoming so easy to find! 

So if you live in the LA or OC area, you definitely need to make a visit to this little boutique. If you aren't local, you can shop their online store! Thank you, technology. 

P.S. Sorry for the dark photos, my camera doesn't like to cooperate indoors. 

P.P.S. Start collecting your favorite accessories, because I'm teaming up with Lindsay of Pursuit of Pink for an accessories link-up on May 2! 

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  1. Sweater, blezer and bag...I love your look!!!!
    if you want we can follow each other...tell me what do you think!


  2. Love your outfit. Great pictures.


  3. You look lovely :)

    Enjoy you're weekend! **

    xx, Sandra @


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