Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

My Threads: Dress: c/o eShakti, Blazer: H&M (similar), Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar), Necklace and Bracelet: Francesca's, Clutch: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

Spring is almost here! Actually, it's kind of been here for the last couple weeks in LA. But I know lots of you are still frolicking in the pretty snow. Anyway, the arrival of spring means dress season. And I love dress season.

A couple weeks ago, eShakti added tons of gorgeous spring pieces to their website. They generously asked me to pick one to style and review, and let me tell you, that was not an easy task.

In case you haven't heard of eShakti, it's a women's clothing site that allows you to customize your picks. That means you choose your measurements, your dress length, your neckline, and your sleeves. Amazing, right? I chose a shorter length and added sleeves to this particular dress. 

As soon as I saw this dress online, I was immediately drawn to the print. It's so versatile! And I love the flared skirt. This beauty is definitely helping me kick off spring on the right foot! 

Now get to shopping! I promise it won't be easy to choose your favorite pieces, but I'd say that's a pretty good problem to have.

And just because you're amazing, you can get 20% off your purchase with the code DEVNELFE! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cord Hord

My Threads: Button-up: H&M (similar), Tee: J.Crew, Cords: J.Crew, Wedges: INC via Macy's (similar), Bag: Calvin Klein, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Francesca's and J.Crew
Watch: Michael Kors

Okay, so as soon as I scored these bow cords for $20 a few weeks ago, I knew I needed more in my life. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they feel super cool when you pet them. So I snatched up a pink pair when J.Crew was doing their 40% off final sale items last week. And I love them. I now want them in every color.

And on that note, I'm officially deciding to go on a shopping ban for the month of March. Between booking flights for Seattle this summer, my phone pooping out, and several J.Crew sales, I spent way too much money in February. 

In an attempt to not cheat on this ban, I've decided not to make any exceptions. Which I really wanted to do. But Marc convinced me that would be a bad idea. And he's right. I'm an expert at justifying purchases, so I'm sure I could explain cheating as strategic and necessary purchases. Or something like that. 

In case you were worried, I will still be shopping for food. And soap. So I won't be starving and smelly for the whole month of March. 

I've never intentionally cut myself off from shopping for an extended period of time before, so this should be an interesting month. I expect to either be desperately craving polka dots or enjoying all the 'free' time I'll spend not shopping. We'll see. 

As long as no one posts or wears cute outfits for the next month, I should be okay. 

Have you ever done a shopping ban? I'd love to hear how it went! 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

My Threads: Shirt: H&M (similar), Sweater: J.Crew Factory, Jeans: Hollister (similar), Boots: Steve Madden, Bag: street market in Italy, Necklace: ebay (similar), Bracelets: J.Crew, Francesca's (gift), Watch: Michael Kors

This is the second time in one week that people have told me I look like an Easter egg. In a different outfit. I think this crazy weather has convinced my subconscious that it's actually already spring.

And in case you don't keep up with LA weather (because I know that's a really great use of time for anyone living, well, anywhere else), it's been pretty ridiculous the last few weeks. We've gone from the high 20s at night to the mid 80s a few days. Needless to say, my closet (and brain) is very confused.

Anyway, I thought this outfit looked more like a strawberry than an Easter egg. Which leads me to believe I might actually be convinced it's summer.

Or I just always get dressed hungry. 

Hope you all had a happy weekend! Yay for Argo! And yay for my new annual botanical garden membership! I'm a nerd. But I'm pretty excited about it. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cherry on Top

My Threads: Sweater: Old Navy, Skirt: H&M (similar), Booties: Lauren Ralph Lauren, Clutch: Forever 21, Belt: Forever 21, Bracelets: J.Crew, Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

When I was in 7th grade, I was obsessed with cherries. Not eating them, just wearing them. I had a cherry skirt, multiple cherry shirts, a cherry purse, and cherry flip-flops. It was a thing. I was obsessed.

I'm proud to report I got over my cherry obsession and no longer possess an obscene amount of cherry printed items. But then I saw this sweater at Old Navy. And I slipped. It was like tunnel vision. Fortunately, I only came out with one cherry item. My 7th grade self would be proud. Or maybe a little disappointed, since I only own one cherry item.

I'm okay heading back to my middle school years with this sweater, so long as I don't have to relive low midriffs, platform flip-flops, or rhinestone embellished everything. Or awkward slow dances with boys who are a foot shorter than I am. I'll pass on those, too.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Mint

My Threads: Shirt: H&M (similar), Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans: Target (similar), Booties: Target, Bag: Calvin Klein, Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

I went to a polka dot support group last week. We decided the most practical solution to curing our polka dot obsession was to buy more polka dots. So that's what I did.

Okay, so the support group thing actually just consisted of me staring at my computer, trying to decide which color polka dot sweater was the cutest. Mint won. Mint always seems to win. Unless pink is involved.

Also, I was told by multiple people that this outfit made me look like a giant Easter egg. I'm okay with that, though. I like Easter eggs. I don't like eating them, but I look looking at them. Plus, it makes me feel like I'm getting a jump on the next holiday. Which is actually St. Patrick's Day, but we'll pretend it's Easter.

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and White

My Threads: Shirt: H&M (similar), Skirt: H&M (similar), Pumps: Target (similar), Clutch: Coach (similar), Belt: Target, Necklace: Francesca's, Bracelet: Macy's, Watch: Michael Kors

I've always liked black and white together. It's just such a classic pairing. So initially, I was pretty excited when the dynamic duo hit the runway this season. 

But then I looked at my closet. In case you're new around these parts, I'm really into color. As in, I only own about five things that are black and/or white. And I can't resist adding a pop of color to a black and white palette! Hence the pink belt. 

So try as a might, I'm not sure I'll be frequenting the black and white trend this year. Not unless some more clothes in the contrasting hues decide to magically appear in my closet. Which I would totally be okay with. (That's a hint for you, magical closet fairy.)

Anyway, I had fun mixing prints for Marion's Trend of the Month link-up! The theme is black in white, in my whole rant wasn't a very helpful clue.

Have you entered the Visa Gift Card Giveaway yet! You should! 

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 18, 2013


My Threads: Shirt: Old Navy (similar), Sweater: J.Crew Factory (similar), Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar), Boots: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom, Bag: Coach (similar), Belt: Michael Kors, Necklace and Bracelets: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning completely confused where the weekend went? I mean, it's like Friday night finally arrives, then bam! You're waking up on Monday morning. This totally makes me sound like I was blacked out all weekend. I promise I wasn't. I just have a super long To Do list with very few horizontal lines on it. And I'm an advocate for four day weekends.

Anyway, I've had this leopard sweater for a while now, but I couldn't decide how to wear it. I had lots of ideas, but none that worked when actually executed. Right before I put this little ensemble on, I had a sequined tank underneath the sweater with heels. Marc's immediate reaction? "You look like you're channeling Janice." For fear of my voice getting really loud and nasally and my hair perming itself, I changed. 

Congratulations to Emily Anne-Marie for winning the J.Crew gift card! It must be fate since my name is Emily Marie...

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Featured Friday: Annie of The Other Side of Gray

Today, I'm excited to be featuring one of my favorite bloggers, Annie of The Other Side of Gray. She has an amazing sense of style, and I have to admit, I stalk her blog pretty regularly. And I want to steal borrow all her clothes. Be sure to stop by and give her blog a visit!

How would you describe your style?

Hmm. I always have trouble with this question because I think it’s hard to put a definition to personal style. Some days I like to dress girly, some days I love to wear jeans,  and some days I’m just plain lazy and rock my sweats J But I guess the best way I could describe my style is ‘casual chic’. I love classic pieces such as blazers and pencil skirts, but I like to add a little excitement to them with some funky prints, bright colors or statement accessories. I like to be comfortable, as a girl on the go, and I love having fun with my outfits too! Pattern mixing and color blocking are some of my favorite trends right now, and I hope they stick around.
5 Wardrobe Staples:

Just 5? So hard to narrow down! But I don’t think I could get dressed without my brown leather boots, my chambray shirt, a striped tee, a patterned scarf, or my Gap legging jeans. Sounds boring when I read it back, but I think those are the perfect basics to have and build on.
Celebrity Style Icons:

Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Diane Kruger to name a few. I absolutely adore Alexa Chung’s style. She’s so edgy. She can take a pair of old sneakers and make them cool, or she can wear a black dress and look amazing, and I love that about her.
Favorite winter trends:

Plaid! I mean seriously…it’s cute AND it’s comfy, and I’m so excited I can wear it and not be thought of as lazy for just throwing on a plaid flannel shirt with some boots and skinny jeans. I am also loving ankle boots right now – as a shorty (and by that I mean a short girl and not a ‘fine female,’ as urban dictionary* describes the term), I find that they really help lengthen out my stubby legs, which is awesome. Also on the list are velvet and sequins (particularly all the patterned sequin tops we’ve been seeing)…so fun!

*Yes, I definitely hopped over to urban dictionary to see how they actually defined ‘shorty’. And then the hubs saw my search. Awk-ward.
What inspired you to start blogging:

Get ready, this might be a novel J
Can you guys believe that the summer before I started The Other Side of Gray, I had no idea what a fashion blog even was?! To be honest, I didn’t know much about blogs in general (I know, total internet virgin here). Anyway, that summer, one of my friends suggested I start a fashion blog, and I just kind of looked at her with crazy eyes and said yeah, OK. Fast forward a month or two later and I just so happened to google “fashion blogs.” Well guess what popped up? Kendi Everyday. So I clicked over and started reading from Kendi’s very first post and don’t think I stopped reading until I had seen every one of her outfits. Like many others – I. WAS. OBSESSED. I have always always had a thing for clothes and I just knew, from that day, that starting my own fashion blog would be my way to share that love with my friends, family, and all of you. And let me tell ya – the day I started my style blog was one of the best days. Sure, I was sitting on my couch stuffing my face with chocolate chips while writing post number 1, typing to no one and taking outfit photos with my crappy old digital camera…but that day was the start of something amazing. The Other Side of Gray has helped me refine my own style, it has let me be creative on a daily basis, it has made me realize that my true calling is really somehow related to fashion, and it has lead me to all of you. So I am very thankful for it, and very excited for all the things to come. Er, did that even answer the question? I got a little nostalgic and carried away…but I hope you get the idea.

What was the worst trend you willingly jumped on board with?

I’m not sure I can pinpoint one particular trend, but I’ve definitely purchased items of clothing that I’ve seen on other bloggers that just don’t look good on me. Sometimes you want something to look awesome on you because it looks so cute on someone else, but the fact is, certain styles aren’t made for certain body types (I know, it sucks to acknowledge that doesn’t it? Why can’t everything look perfect on everyone?!)  For me, I’ve learned to stay away from midi skirts and mid-calf boots, both of which accentuate my shortness. I also bought a pair of neon coral pants from J. Crew last year, and as much as I love to rock bright colors, I just get a feeling that they might never be worn again. So I think in the past few months I’ve really tried to remember what things look good on MY body type when shopping, and I never buy anything unless I can think of at least 3 different ways to wear it.

Totally adorable, right?

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